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VWMA Prescribed Industrial Waste Training

As of July 1st, 2021, all drivers transporting Reportable Priority Waste must undergo training to attain their Reportable Priority Waste Transport Certificate. This certificate is provided by the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA). In addition to this, the vehicle must have a valid permit which is issued by the EPA. 


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As from 1st July 2021:

  • Drivers who transport Reportable Priority Waste (as defined by the EPA) will be required to undertake ‘EPA approved’ training as a condition of their licenses.

Reportable Priority Waste includes;

  • Contaminated soil (A, B, C and D).
  • Asbestos and asbestos containing materials.
  • 30XY putrescible liquids (such as triple interceptor and grease trap).
  • Used machine lubricating oils.
  • Chemicals (including acids and bases).
  • Clinical and related waste.

The VWMA Priority Waste Transport Certification satisfies these EPA requirements for training.

The course accredits drivers to transport Reportable Priority Waste in Victoria for a period of 3 years. It does not replace dangerous good training.

When transporting flammable, dangerous or toxic materials, in some cases you may also need a Dangerous Goods Licence.

All Prescribed Industrial Waste must go to a facility licenced to receive it. It must also be tracked via the EPA Digital Waste Tracking Tool.

Movement Of Prescribed Industrial Waste Between States And Territories

The EPA provides advice to Priority Waste (previously known as prescribed industrial waste (PIW)) producers, consignors, transporters and receivers on their obligations and the steps to follow for movements of PIW from Victoria to another Australian State or Territory.

The course will be offered by both face-to-face and remotely.

Remote Learning

Remote learning is done online through Google Classroom. It can be done at any time. It takes approximately 5 hours to complete. The online material includes a training manual, video and an examination.

A link to the training materials will be forwarded to person being trained (unless we are advised otherwise). This is the fastest way to become certified.

Face-To-Face Learning

The new VWMA course will be available as from Wednesday 7th July 2021 and will be offered weekly (each Wednesday) as face-to-face learning at the VTA / VWMA offices in Port Melbourne.

Courses will be offered on each Wednesday on the following dates.  Courses commence at 8.00am and conclude at 3.00pm.

Where Can I Ask Questions?

For further information email or call us on 03 9646 8590.

Our office hours are 9am until 4.30pm – Monday to Friday.

VTA Training Courses

The VTA offer a range of training programs covering driver training to introduce new people to the transport industry and place them into permanent jobs and a range of VTA courses for management, supervisors and operational employees.

Driver Delivery Program – Get behind the wheel – a roadmap to a rewarding career

The Driver Delivery Program is supported by the Victorian Government and is run in conjunction with Armstrong’s Driver Education. The program is fully subsidised and this allows it to be offered at no cost to participants and employers.

This program will help prepare a participant to become a skilled and valued member of a transport team with a complete understanding of industry expectations. The industry needs drivers and the pathway to your rewarding career could be as close as participating in this heavy vehicle driver training program.

For details of the course please go to the Driver Delivery page

VTA Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in necessary restrictions on indoor gatherings. The VTA and VWMA, therefore, will not be able to offer face to face training until the current restrictions are eased. 

The VTA have developed a number of Master Class (Management Development) courses that are being delivered by remote learning – refer below.

The VTA offer a range of training courses that are available for both members and non-members. These courses cover both specific issues for transport and logistics companies and general management courses.

Currently, the Academy offer the following courses:

7 Chain of Responsibility courses :

  • Safety Management System
  • Awareness
  • Awareness for Managers & Customers
  • Fatigue Management
  • Load Restraint
  • Safe Loads
  • Sub-Contractor Management

1 course covering operational issues:

  • Pallet Management for Pallet Controllers

8 Master Class Series courses developed in conjunction with Mindshop delivered via remote learning covering:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Strategic planning 
  • Leadership development
  • Change success
  • Growth strategy
  • Coaching and Developing People
  • Profit improvement
  • Time management

For more information (including course details) and to register please refer to the registration form.

Transition to Transport is an intensive eight-module course that will attract those that are new to the industry and require more in-depth knowledge of supply chain, logistics, transport operations and associated regulations. Participants will be job-ready at the end of the program and the VTA will mentor candidates in their first three months of employment.  This course is available by appointment. For details please contact the VTA

Courses are undertaken at the VTA’s purpose built training facility that is conveniently located at our Port Melbourne office.

If you have a specific requirement for a course or wish to run one of our courses specifically for your business please contact to discuss your requirements.


VTA training calendar.  January to June 2020:

  Duration Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
CoR – Awareness 4 hours            
CoR – Awareness for Managers & Customers 4 hours            
CoR – Fatigue Management 4 hours            
CoR – Load Restraint 4 hours            
CoR – Safe Loads 4 hours            
CoR – Sub-Contractor Management 4 hours            
COR – Safety Management Systems 4 hours            
Pallet Management for Pallet Controllers 4 hours            
Master Class – Business planning you can implement              
Master Class – Improving customer service              
Master Class – Coaching & Developing People              
Master Class – Leadership Skills              
Prescribed Industrial Waste – Registration Link              

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