Member Services

Being a VTA member offers a range of practical benefits. In addition to the valuable advocacy work carried out by the VTA Secretariat, membership grants you access to:

Timely Industry Updates:

Stay informed about industry issues through regular communications channels.

Committees and Group Participation:

Seize the opportunity to contribute by serving on VTA committees and groups.

Exclusive Data and Information:

Gain member-only access to a wealth of data and information via the online member portal.

Professional Development and Networking:

Attend regular events focused on professional development, networking, and socialising at discounted member rates.

Discounts on Products and Services:

Enjoy discounts on various products and services from VTA supporters and sponsors.

Complimentary Advisory Services:

Benefit from complimentary industrial relations and industry advisory services.

Priority Report Subscription:

Receive a subscription to the quarterly VTA Priority Report magazine and have the opportunity to submit editorial content. By becoming a VTA member, you can take advantage of these member services and enhance your engagement within the transport industry.

Industry Awards:

Keep up-to-date with all the relevant changes to current industry awards accessible through the VTA website.

Australian Road Transport Industrial Organization (ARTIO):

ARTIO is an industrial organisation of employers registered under the Fair Work Act 2009. It represents employers and prime contractors in the transport and logistics industry, particularly those engaged in road transport.

ARTIO oversees the industrial interests of its members, which include the employers, owners, and operators of heavy vehicle businesses in the road transport industry. It directly represents the industry before government bodies and tribunals such as the Fair Work Commission. It stands as the peak industrial body for the road transport industry.

Recent work includes:

  • Modern Award reviews
  • ATO determination on travel/meal allowances
  • Providing industry specific advice to the Fair Work Ombudsmen
  • Drafting Enterprise Agreements (EBAs)
  • Representing members before the Fair Work Commission on matters such as unfair dismissal and general protection claims

Rates, Levies and Indices:

Have direct access to the VTA’s business framework which provides timely updates of rates, levies and indices and their application to different vehicle configurations.

Industrial Relations:

Be kept informed and updated on all industrial relations matters and access to specific legal advice through our service agreement with Rigby Cooke Lawyers.

Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA):

The peak VWMA is dedicated to representing and advocating for the best outcomes for its members and provides up-to-date information about all the key issues impacting the waste and recycling industry.

Technology and Sustainability:

Be kept informed and up to date on all the key technological and sustainability issues which directly and indirectly impact your organisation.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR):

Ensure you remain current of the detailed requirements of Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and the application of CoR for your organisation.

Safety and Security:

Access to the relevant safety requirements and updates applicable to the road transport industry. Ensure you remain current regarding your legal security requirements and obligations.