Driver Salute Award


The Victorian Transport Association, in conjunction with Goodyear Fleet, is pleased to present Driver Salute – a bi-monthly recognition and reward program for heavy vehicle drivers who demonstrate outstanding and consistent safety practices behind the wheel.

The community rightly has an expectation that professional heavy vehicle drivers will prioritise the safety of the motoring public and themselves ahead of everything else.

Driver Salute recognises these drivers and demonstrates to the public the transport industry’s commitment to enshrining a best practice safety culture in every heavy vehicle driver.


Victorian-based operators that deploy video technology and telematics in their fleets can submit in-cabin footage or profiles of drivers demonstrating sustained best-practice safety behaviour in the course of their duties.

Award recipients will be chosen on merit and will have demonstrated knowledge of safe driving behaviours and an ability to put them into practice while out on the road. Bi-monthly winners will receive a plaque and a gift voucher, along with industry recognition for putting safety first.

Driver Salute is proudly supported by the Victorian Transport Association and Goodyear Fleet.

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