Master Class – Business Planning You Can Implement – 15th August 2019


A strategic plan should be a living and breathing document.  Constantly evolving with changes to the business environment and adapting as strategies and actions are implemented.

This one day strategy creation workshop is designed to help you create and implement a one-page strategic plan for your business, and is one in our series of four workshops designed to help you build your business.

Delivered by experienced Mindshop facilitator Barry Jenner, the Business planning you can implement workshop will take you through the development process, plan creation (refinement of an existing plan) and implementation.

The workshop is a valuable first step as you seek to evolve the way you drive strategy in your business to achieve growth and profit and develop yourself and your key people.

Start Date

August 15, 2019

End Date

Day & Time


VTA Offices – Level 1, Mirrat House, 46 Kooringa Way (Webb Dock) Port Melbourne

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