Incident Management Workshop 2019 Courses – 16th October 2019


Heavy vehicles and buses represent around 3% of registered vehicles and 8% of vehicle kilometres travelled. However, they are involved in 18% of total road deaths and around 3% of total injuries. An individual is up to three times more likely to die in a crash where a heavy vehicle is involved. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development estimates the economic cost of road crashes at around $27 billion per year.


With these alarming statistics in mind, the Heavy Vehicle Incident Management Course is designed to guide you through WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO when a serious heavy vehicle collision occurs.  Real-world case studies will be used to demonstrate the step-by-step process for responding, investigating and preventing a serious collision or incident. Presented by Forensic Engineer Tia Gaffney who has been a member of the VTA-associated Transportation Industry Safety Group for over 5 years.


Course Outline

  • Background Investigating Crashes
  • Management Plan
  • The Response Phase
    • Initial Response
      • Communication
      • Documentation
      • Shared Responsibility
    • Public Relations
      • Internal
      • External
    • Human Relations
    • Documenting the Evidence
  • The Investigation Phase
    • Road Evidence
      • Clean up Team
      • Enforcement
      • Crash scene Protocols
    • Speed Calculations
    • GPS, Airbag ‘Black Box’ and Telematic Data
    • Checklist for Success
  • The Litigation Phase
  • The Prevention Phase
    • Risk Management
    • Hierarchy of Controls (Collision Specific)
    • Imbedding Solutions

Cost: Members – $360 (including GST) per person/Non Members – $390 (including GST)

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