Chain of Responsibility – Sub-Contractor Management 2019 Courses


Many companies contract out components of their business where they lack expertise or a defined knowledge base, or simply because outsourcing can sometimes achieve a better financial result.

But just because your company may contract work to another company, this doesn’t mean that you hand over all of your responsibilities and obligations under the National Heavy Vehicle Law. You still need to have policies and
procedures, including a formal audit regime, to ensure that the Sub-Contractor is performing the work legally, safely and compliantly.

What the Sub-Contractor Management workshop will cover
• The National Heavy Vehicle Law
• Roles and Responsibilities
• CoR for Contracts (what is needed in Sub-Contractor Contracts)
• What Policies and Procedures should Sub Contractors have in place
• Audit Regimes
• The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (and current Orders)
• Next steps.

Start Date

March 13, 2019

End Date

Day & Time


VTA Offices – Level 1, Mirrat House, 46 Kooringa Way (Webb Dock) Port Melbourne

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