Chain of Responsibility – Load Restraints 2019 Courses


This workshop is designed to create awareness of the fundamentals and principles of load restraint so participants can obtain a basic knowledge of their various obligations and responsibilities – not only for the safety of their staff,
but also to raise awareness of their responsibilities under Chain of Responsibility.

What the Load Restraint Awareness workshop will cover
• What is CoR?
• Responsibilities and obligations under CoR
• Why do we restrain loads?
• 5 key steps to carrying a load safely
• Restraint methods
• Tips for load restraint
• Breaches of load restraint under CoR
• Next steps.

Start Date

January 23, 2019

End Date

Day & Time


VTA offices – Level 1, Mirrat House, 46 Kooringa Way (Webb Dock) Port Melbourne

Course Info