Chain of Responsibility – Awareness for Managers & Customers 2019 Courses – 5th June 2019


This workshop is designed to provide Managers and Customers a unique opportunity to work through CoR responsibilities and obligations within the end to end supply chain. This session will look at assessing the risk to the business and ways of mitigating that risk using Internal Review guidelines.

Do you realise that you, as well as your company, could be held legally liable for breaches of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation? CoR places obligations and responsibilities on each of the parties in the supply chain, not just those directly associated with the transport movement.

• Do you know whether you, or your company, have taken reasonable steps to avoid a breach?
• Do you know the critical roles that affect CoR?
• Do you provide CoR training for employees and contractors?
• Do you know whether your contractors or subcontractors (trade partners) understand CoR and have policies
and programs in place?

What the Chain of Responsibility workshop will cover
• A reinforcement of what CoR comprises and what it tries to achieve.
• What are the critical roles and the 10 keys areas of CoR.
• How do I assess the CoR compliance of my business?
• What next steps should I take?

Start Date

June 05, 2019

End Date

Day & Time


VTA Offices – Level 1, Mirrat House, 46 Kooringa Way (Webb dock) Port Melbourne

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