Chain of Responsibility – Awareness 2019 Courses – 7th August 2019


This workshop is designed to create awareness of the fundamentals of CoR so participants will have a basic knowledge of the various obligations and responsibilities under the new National Heavy Vehicle Law.
Do you realise that you, as well as your company, could be held legally liable for breaches of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation? CoR places obligations and responsibilities on each of the parties in the supply chain, not just those directly associated with the transport movement.

What the Chain of Responsibility workshop will cover
• What is CoR?
• A background to CoR.
• Does CoR affect me?
• What is the scope of CoR?
• The 10 keys areas of CoR.
• What are the critical roles that influence CoR?
• Some examples of breaches and fines.
• Next steps.

Start Date

August 07, 2019

End Date

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