Chain of Responsibility – Fatigue Management 2019 Courses


Driver Fatigue contributes to heavy vehicle accidents in Australia. Businesses have a legal responsibility to have sound Fatigue Management strategies in place that assess the risk of fatigue and control that risk.

It is important to understand the many controls and influences that affect heavy vehicle drivers (including subcontract drivers) under your control. Roles and functions within your business will have a direct influence on how well fatigue is managed.

What the Fatigue Management workshop will cover
• What is Fatigue and what are the signs of Fatigue
• The National Heavy Vehicle Law
• Fatigue Management Standards (NHVAS, Trucksafe & WA HVA)
• Standard Hours, Basic Fatigue Management & Advanced Fatigue Management
• Basic Rostering and Scheduling
• Fitness for duty
• Roles and Responsibilities
• What Policies and Procedures should be in place
• Audit / Internal Review
• Next steps.

Start Date

April 03, 2019

End Date

Day & Time


VTA Offices – Level 1, Mirrat House, 46 Kooringa Way (Webb Dock) Port Melbourne

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