The VTA is responsible for managing and administering a broad range of committees who are integral to driving change and keeping the transport industry moving forward. We are proud to be associated with a large number of key influencers in the industry and work to ensure that our involvement in these committees continues to build the transport industry.

Committee Structure:

Key Areas of Focus:

General Freight Committee:

The key objectives include:

1. Leading policy positions that influence Government regulatory outcomes impacting the efficient, competitive and sustainable movement of general freight in Victoria and nationally
2. Guiding the provision of advice and information to VTA members and others in relation to relevant general freight issues and initiatives
3. Providing strategic oversight of the various VTA sub-groups dealing with general freight and specific industry issues
4. Providing feedback to the VTA Secretariat to assist successful representation of members’ interests by executive representation on industry and government committees and forums.

Wharf Carriers Committee:

The Wharf Carriers Committee is a sector specific group focused on developing policy and actions designed to improve landside productivity and efficiencies for port related activities.

Long Distance Committee:

The Long Distance Committee is tackling issues related to attracting heavy-vehicle drivers, heavy vehicle licencing; addressing driver distraction, compliance matters and Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their impact from a line-haul perspective.

Technology Group:

The VTA Technology Group is focused on improving business processes by research and implementing effective technology solutions that provide real benefits and improved efficiencies for organisations.

People Group:

The People Group concentrates on many aspects of health and wellbeing in the workplace and
raising awareness, understanding and return on investment of health and well-being programs. The importance of nurturing positive organisational cultures, as well as, attracting, retaining and training workforces is also a major focus.

Earthmovers Group:

Given the current and planned infrastructure projects for the state, the Earthmovers Group is designed to provide a real ‘voice’ for this sector of the industry. Key challenges, such as, legislative changes to HVNL, Chain of Responsibility (CoR); vehicle and driver shortages; EPA; New Electronic Tracking Systems; mass management and compliance are some of the many issues facing this Group.

Oversize/Overmass Group:

The Oversize/Overmass Group is the newest addition to the VTA Sub-Committees. The Group is focused upon has specific issues relating to managing access and permit processes to the road networks.