Sam Gates

Hi my name is Sam and I began my employment at TOLL INTERMODAL after being accepted into the program in late April.

At first, with any new job, I was quite nervous as I had never had a full time role like this before.
Three and half months on I believe this has been one of the best things for me. The Cadetship has the combination of study with work which is exceptional as you can apply your knowledge at University to the workplace. Unfortunately this isn’t offered in many universities which is why I believe this Cadetship program had an advantage over other courses.

I begun working in the Operations for the first 3 months learning Fleet Controlling, Compliance and Manifesting and now I have moved on to warehousing. All of these experiences have been an eye opener for me and I am thoroughly enjoying the working and learning experience. I recommend this Cadetship program as it gives you knowledge about the industry, you obtain a degree that’s paid for and importantly it teaches your life skills.

I look forward to reading future cadet biographies for 2016!