So far, almost five months into the cadetship. Everyone involved has made it an incredibly pleasant and enjoyable experience.
The opportunity to combine full-time work with going to university is just the balance I have been looking for.
Our current mentor for Victoria University, Rosie Cirillo, is fantastic at what she does. She has had hands-on experience and I go home having learnt something new at each class we have with her. She has the fantastic ability to engage the class and keep us all interested and wanting to learn more. Everyone within the VTA involved in the cadetship, from the day of the initial interview up until now has been a great support and for someone who gets nervous in new environments, has made my transition into the cadetship easy!

My employment with PrixCar Services has been rewarding and a fantastic learning experience that has opened my eyes to the vast number of possible employment opportunities available within the wonderful world of logistics. I’ve also had fist-hand experience at the ability for a company to run so smoothly and all its operations. Everyone within the company is friendly and is more than happy to lend a helping hand when needed. Many of our class assignments are related back to our business so the cadetship is definitely set up to work perfectly hand in hand.

I am definitely looking forward and eager for the many experiences that lie ahead.