My name is Fahri and I am undertaking my Cadetship at The Glen Cameron Group (Cameron’s) based in Bayswater.
The Cadetship has given me such a great opportunity to be able to study and work full-time. I have learned so much about the industry from both the educational and workplace aspect. Combining education and workplace experience in assignments has been a great way of approaching a University course. In the five months I have been at Cameron’s, I have worked in fleet control and the warehouse. I was in fleet control for the first two months and now I am finishing my third month in the warehouse. In the warehouse I’ve been involved with inputting and outputting customer orders, picking and packing, stocktakes and assisting customers around our warehouse for regular stock checks. I will continue to be rotated across different departments of the company to further advance my knowledge and understanding of the business.
The cadetship is a great program that gives you a great insight into the industry. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in working in the logistics industry.