Transport Industry Safety Group

Last week, peak transport industry and related bodies highlighted the need for occupational safety for all persons within the road transport industry and community to initiate best practice for all parties in the transport chain.

VTA CEO Peter Anderson said the TISG is the think tank€ for transport industry safety initiatives, having previously produced a number of reference documents that have been instrumental in improving safety standards. The reference documents produced by the TISG were designed to provide guidance to transport operators to improve safety within their businesses and the industry in general. Established in 1995, the group has been reinvigorated and is looking to what it can do now to improve safety and work towards reducing harm to all community members through improved safety methods, processes, technology and best practice benchmarks for the heavy vehicle industry.  The TISG was established following the Coroner’s recommendations on the death of a 14 €year old male pedestrian in a truck related road accident.

The incident occurred in part as a result of the failure of the truck driver’s employer, a major Melbourne transport company, to provide the driver with proper training and supervision.  The group comprises of senior executives from a number of organisations including: VicRoads, Victoria Police, Victorian WorkCover Authority, Transport Accident Commission, Victorian Transport Association, Bus Association (Victoria), National Transport Commission, Australian Research Board (ARRB), the Transport Workers Union (Victoria/Tasmania) and the Office of the Sate Coroner of Victoria. The TISG also works closely with industry experts including a number of consultants who voluntarily work with the group to develop proactive strategies to reduce the incidence of death and serious injury within the transport industry. Chaired by VTA CEO Peter Anderson, the group will test existing materials to ensure they remain as relevant today as when they were first introduced. The TISG is a working group that will produce actions and solutions based on fact to improve community safety and work towards reducing harm to all, said Mr Anderson.

Since 1902, the VTA has been recognised as the leading multimodal prime contractor employer organisation in the transport and logistics industry in Australia. With over 800 member companies, the VTA is committed to enhancing the productivity, safety, workforce development and sustainability of the industry. Industry leadership and advocacy are at the core of our stakeholder engagement.

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