As an associate partner collaborating with members of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), Zynet is committed to establishing itself as the leading provider of cyber resilience solutions in the transport sector. Leveraging over two decades of expertise, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to industry requirements. Our focus on cybersecurity and proactive IT management ensures secure and efficient operations.

Through our comprehensive suite of services, including cybersecurity assessments, a managed Security Operations Center (SOC) for rapid threat detection and response, incident response, and vulnerability management, we offer targeted solutions to enhance cyber resilience. At Zynet, we prioritize building strong relationships with VTA members, providing solutions crafted to suit individual needs and empower growth and success.


Contact:  Jacob Turner Business Development Manager

Phone:  1300 499 638

Email:  jacobt@zynet.com.au

For more information visit  zynet.com.au