WHG Telematics

WHG is a leading supplier of vehicle and asset tracking telematic technologies, driver safety tech, and other services.


Get data to help you meet CoR requirements. Improve your operations with Real-time visibility of driver behaviour and vehicle performance.

Driver Fatigue Management

Innovative, facial mapping software prevents driver fatigue and distraction related events, providing Real-time, in-cab intervention – keeping you compliant as well as saving on your insurance premiums.

IoT / Asset Tracking

From freight to tools, track movable assets in Real-time, giving you better visibility and insight into their usage.

Video Telematics

The most advanced on-board vehicle camera on the market. Including all the features you need in one compact device.

OEM Services

As an original equipment manufacturer we can customise a solution to match your business environment.

Support Services

We offer you a wide range of additional support services, backed by a team of qualified specialists.


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