Zurich Resilience Solutions

Motor fleet risk management solutions. We work with you to assess your fleet operations, driver selection, monitoring & management, vehicle selection and maintenance, to determine an overall risk profile. We work with you, side-by-side, to determine opportunities to reduce risk, protect your drivers and other road users, and ultimately improve business resilience.

Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) can provide your business with industry-specific information and data-led insights it needs to correctly identify and mitigate motor-related risk. Our Risk Engineers & Consultants have access to a global repository of technical expertise that keeps ZRS at the cutting edge around emerging risks and safety technology.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Global expertise in all types and sizes of fleets, from sedans, light commercial, heavy trucks, specialised equipment (construction, agriculture, mining and forestry)
  • A local team of experts who are experienced in a number of industries from Linehaul, Transport & Logistics, Mining, Utilities, and key exposures relating to hazardous materials, bulk liquids, heavy haulage etc.
  • Driver behaviour assessment and monitoring and in-vehicle technology
  • Compliance reviews, risk assessments and industry best practice advisory
  • Service plan development, including risk identification and target loss reduction
  • Development of road safety programs and driver education
  • Multi-sourced Data Analytics and Risk Insights dashboard creation.

Contact: Mervyn Rea Head of Zurich Resilience Solutions ANZ

Phone: 0401 105 436

Email: mervyn.rea@zurich.com.au

For more information visit zurich.com.au