Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT)

Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) is Australia’s first fully automated container terminal, located at Webb Dock East in the Port of Melbourne.

VICT is determined to set the global benchmark for automated container terminals and to provide the safest, most efficient, sustainable and reliable gateway for containerised goods to Australian consumers, and from Australian producers, to the rest of the world. Engineered for the future, VICT has achieved the highest possible rating category of “Leading” from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) for a sustainable design and build. As a subsidiary of International Container Terminal Services Incorporated (ICTSI), VICT is the product of over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of global port management. ICTSI is headquartered in Manila, the Philippines, and operates a portfolio of 30 container terminals throughout 20 countries.

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