SCF Group

SCF is Australia’s leading supplier of specialised transport containers and skels. We provide an all-in-one road to rail equipment solution for customers that caters to all sizes and freight types.

Our intermodal fleet includes skel trailers, tanks, tautliners, refrigerated, dry and side door transport containers. SCF’s equipment is engineered to provide specific Australian transport features, including:

Various restraint systems to secure cargo, Vertical Load Bars and Mezzanine Decks to increase loading efficiencies and optional lightweight varieties to reduce equipment operational costs.

All our equipment is two pallet wide, heavily focused around safe operation and designed in-house in direct consultation with our customers.

With a depot network reaching across the country close to major road and rail hubs, one of our highly experienced teams will be close by for any container maintenance and repair needs.

We have serviced major customers in the logistics and transport sectors for over 30 years, thanks to our high-quality equipment, strong focus on solutions and ability to quickly deploy equipment at times of need.

Contact: Sam Gannon Business Development Manager – Intermodal

Phone: 0418 812 767 or 131 132


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