Onehalf Offshore Business Solutions

Onehalf Offshore Business Solutions had very humble beginnings several years ago. Our company director originally started using offshore services within his own transport company and that is where the model of Onehalf was born. With a team of over 250 staff possessing expertise in a variety of roles including back office, finance & accounting, sales & marketing and IT & tech. Onehalf has continued to expand, develop and provide more services to various types of businesses throughout Australia. We are proud to know that our customers love what we do and how we help their businesses; our testimonials are a reflection of the quality of work provided by our wonderful team at Onehalf. Here at Onehalf, our mission is to provide you with exceptional outsourcing services and help reduce costs within your business by up to 70%. With a professional management team and the continuous sourcing of quality talent to join our team, Onehalf guarantees service and experience that is perfectly suited to your business. Our solution really is an option that compliments or replaces existing workplace models. The option is entirely up to the client and our flexibility really does make it simple.

Contact: George Kara


Mobile: 0419517142