Lochard Energy

Lochard Energy are trusted energy infrastructure specialists that own and operate one of the largest energy storage facilities in Australia.

We are leading the H2REFUEL initiative, to develop bulk renewable hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure, to help decarbonise and improve fuel security in the transport and materials handling sectors.

H2REFUEL is the development of utility-scale, renewable-hydrogen production and refuelling stations (HRSs), intended to one day formulate a network of clean refuelling centers, across some of Australia’s busiest East-coast transport routes.

These future facilities are intended to supply renewable-hydrogen to heavy-vehicle transport operators, bus companies, fuel retailers (for both light and heavy vehicles) and for those wishing to decarbonise their materials handling operations.

Our most advanced project under the initiative is currently under development and is situated on the shoulder of the Hume Highway in northern Victoria and is being specified to serve the equivalent of up to 150 fuel-cell heavy vehicles per day.

Contact: Bart Simes GM Energy Developments

Phone: 0417 299 528

Email: bart.simes@lochardenergy.com.au

For more information visit lochardenergy.com.au