Haulmax Tyres

The Haulmax Tyre brand is becoming an emerging force within the truck, trailer and industrial tyre marketplace in Australia.  The Haulmax range was created to provide a solution for Australia’s unique conditions, meeting growing demand for tyres delivering improved handling with increased stability, higher load carrying capacities, and optimum tread life.

We are a proudly Australian owned & independently operated brand who continue to invest heavily in product development ensuring our products are both fit for purpose and cost efficient. This allows for absolute quality control and guarantee of product performance.

Haulmax Tyres are the only range of TBR tyres in the Australian market specifically designed, engineered and made for Australian conditions.  We value evidence-based product testing and build our products to deliver to local expectations of transport efficiency, endurance and safety.

All Haulmax Tyres meet European Tyre & Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) standards and all internationally required manufacturing standards including DOT certification. All tyres are x-rayed and balanced before leaving the factory. Haulmax Tyres are built with premium casing design, raw materials and compounds, with a controlled crown shape build to make a stronger tyre that gives you more stability, better driver handling and even tread wear.

Haulmax Tyres have application specific wider and deeper tread for increased traction and more mileage. Our Unique tread profile is designed for Australian conditions. Special cut and chip resistant compounds to increase mileage on Australia’s harsh outback gravel roads. (Available in selected sizes)

Contact: Craig Parow

Phone: 0457 837 612

Email: craig@tyretraders.com.au