Optix – formally DriveRisk

Our integrated road safety solutions and fleet risk management tools offer insight into driving patterns, alert drivers of sudden risks and identify areas in which they could improve their overall performance.

By managing and coaching negative habits and reinforcing positive ones, transport businesses ae able to reduce risks, save money wider community on our roads.

Optix is a dedicated team committed to reducing on-road risk for fleet operators and the driver community by developing and providing risk-identifying information coupled with behaviour-changing solutions.

We use data from video, sensors, and reports to create a focused risk profile of a driver, enabling fleet operators in establishing an accountable and structured, proactive solution to driver and risk management.

Optix is the proven market leaders of driver science and the exclusive reseller of Lytx™ DriveCam in Australia, Africa, and New Zealand.

Contact:  Owen Neochi Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 1800 837 433


Contact:  Scott Clayton Senior Fleet Safety Consultant

Phone: 0437 359 294 

Email: scott.clayton@optix.co


For more information visit optix.au