BTT Engineering Consulting

BTT Engineering is an automotive engineering consultancy specialising in providing advice and certification regarding compliance and approving vehicle modifications to comply with the rules, regulations and standards in the jurisdiction in which the vehicle will be registered and/or operated. BTT Engineering also engages in:

  • Performance Based Standards certifications for specialised vehicle combinations
  • Full 3D Computer Aided Design, Finite element analysis and drafting
  • Vehicle modification and design advice services
  • Testing facility for proving compliance to Australian Design Rule specifications
  • General vehicle / trailer certification and compliance consultancy and advice
  • Component and product design, engineering, reporting & certification
  • Full first stage compliance approval for new vehicle / heavy trailer builds and homologation
  • Second Stage Compliance for special build vehicles
  • Assessment and expert witness reporting services for Insurance claims and court proceedings
  • Vehicle/Trailer fleet compliance and risk assessments
  • Engineering certifications for heavy and light commercial vehicle modification for HNVR
  • Chain of responsibility auditing and consultancy

BTT Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2016 and draws on the more than 30 years of experience that Managing Director, Edward van den Berg, has with Commercial Vehicle Engineering, Testing and Compliance Certification.

Contact: Eddie van den Berg Managing Director

Phone: 03 9088 7575


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