Driver Cadetship

“Transport and logistics activities account for close to 15% of economic activity in Australia, and most industries rely on transport and logistics to underpin their own productivity and viability. The ageing of the industry’s workforce is of concern. The average age of truck drivers is 45+ years (and older in sectors such as line haul), with almost half of existing truck drivers forecast to be at retirement age by 2026.

The VTA Academy Driver Cadetship has been established to tackle this driver shortage and the ongoing problem of introducing younger people to the role of professional truck drivers.

The VTA Academy Driver Cadetship is a unique and quality product; it involves real training on real equipment. The Cadet drivers will be brought into businesses and trained on location through a company mentor and with the approved training provider partner of the VTA Academy.

The training will involve Chain of Responsibility, Fatigue, Heavy Rigid Licence which will include driving at night in the city and on country roads, load restraint, measuring the height of vehicles, all through hands on training supported by academic study. A far cry from the current method required.

The VTA Academy Drive Cadetship is supported by Zurich Insurance who will reduce insurance premiums and restrictions for drivers undergoing the VTA Academy Cadetship. This is a major step forward for the industry as previously higher premiums and excess fees have made it unviable to train younger drivers.”

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