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The 2017 VTA Academy Transport Cadetship Program- Currently Open but Closing Soon


The Victorian Transport Association training Academy Cadetship Program is a unique blended learning program that matches fifteen young and motivated individuals with specific transport companies and delivers a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.


In partnership with Victoria University this distinctive course gives the individual the opportunity to continue work responsibilities and still study for an industry qualification, with little interruption to either entity. The blended learning program enables the individual to study at their own pace and in their own environment.


One of the many benefits for the employer is the significantly reduced cost and financial support from the current Victorian Government while the VTA Academy manages all of the administrative and communication elements.


For information about the 2017 Cadetship Program:


To find out more, do not hesitate to contact Leni Carrion on 03 9646 8590 or leni@vta.com.au.  Leni can provide you with all the relevant program details for an employer and the application process for potential candidates.


VTA Academy Courses

The VTA Academy provides unique tailored training and labour solutions for the transport and logistics industry. The Victorian Transport Association is renowned for its drive in influencing and responding to the challenges facing the industry.

In conjunction with registered training providers, the VTA Academy can deliver accredited and non-accredited training solutions for your business.

Through the VTA Academy, we deliver a fresh approach in assisting companies to recruit, train, develop and retain their workforce. A productive, efficient and sustainable transport and logistics industry is vital for the economic wellbeing of Australia. But, along with many other sectors, the industry faces skills and labour shortages, and an ageing workforce.

Transport and logistics is a people business. It needs people who can manage and communicate in a complex and demanding operational environment. Deploying skilled employees, at the right place at the right time, safely and productively, has been a long-standing challenge.

The VTA Academy applies a unique blend of staffing solutions, accredited and non-accredited workplace training and career pathway development aimed at addressing transport and logistics skills and workforce challenges

The VTA Academy brings industry subject experts together with human resource and training professionals to offer targeted course content and practical programs. We look forward to the VTA Academy working with you to identify your workforce and training needs and creating a tailored solution.