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The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) is one of the oldest transport industry advocates in Australia, having originated in Victoria in 1902 as the Master Carriers Association, and for many decades representing hire and reward carriers on Melbourne’s waterfronts, lobbying Government and working on industrial relations.

In 1944, the association became the Victorian Road Transport Association, to complement other state-based employer prime contractor organisations of the day.

Many of the matters advocated for members then are not too different than today, spanning issues such as fuel, workplace health and safety, training and education, wages, registration, roads and infrastructure funding, and representation to all tiers of government.

The aim has always been to present and advocate to governments, regulators and other industry stakeholders from the freight operator perspective.

In 2001 the Victorian Transport Association name was adopted, reflecting the new structure of the association and to more forcefully and publicly acknowledge that transport is about much more than just roads.

The VTA now represents over 800 employers and businesses that supply transport, logistics and freight related services within Victoria and Australia, with a large and fully representative membership of the transport and logistics industry across road, rail and sea.

The VTA’s extensive member services includes the facilitation of training and development programs across disciplines as Chain of Responsibility, load handling, human resources, finance and accounting, business planning and more. Qualified VTA policy experts are also available to offer members advice on the latest industrial relations and regulatory changes and trends to help transport operators run more efficient and productive operations.

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