Training Courses

The VTA has recently launched two new training programs to introduce new people to the transport industry and place them into permanent jobs.

The programs are supported by the Victorian Government and run in conjunction with Armstrong Driver Education and Logical Staffing Solutions, and are significantly subsidised so they can be offered at little or no cost to participants and employers.

Transition to Transport is an intensive eight-module course that will attract those that are new to the industry and require more in-depth knowledge of supply chain, logistics, transport operations and associated regulations. Participants will be job-ready at the end of the program and the VTA will mentor candidates in their first three months of employment.  This course is available by appointment. For details please contact the VTA

Driver Delivery is an intensive nine-day industry-ready driver licensing course to be delivered in either heavy rigid synchromesh or heavy combination standards. Over 60 hours of hands on training and instruction, drivers will receive advanced skills training covering OH&S, cabin drill, load restraint, loading docks, reversing and standard transport runs.

For further information about the courses download the additional course information. To apply, contact the VTA on 03 9646 8590.

VTA Courses

The VTA offer a range of training courses that are available for both members and non-members. These courses cover both specific issues for transport and logistics companies and general management courses.

Currently, the Academy offer the following courses:

6 Chain of Responsibility courses :

  • Awareness
  • Awareness for Managers & Customers
  • Fatigue Management
  • Load Restraint
  • Safe Loads
  • Sub-Contractor Management

2 courses covering operational issues:

  • Incident Management Workshop
  • Pallet Management for Pallet Controllers

4 Master Class Series courses covering:

  • Business planning you can implement
  • Improving Profit and Waste reduction
  • Coaching and Developing People
  • Leadership Skills

Courses are undertaken at the VTA Academy’s purpose built training facility that is conveniently located at our Port Melbourne office.

If you have a specific requirement for a course or wish to run one of our courses specifically for your business please contact to discuss your requirements.

VTA training calendar.







CoR – Safety Management systems (SMS) 4 hours




CoR – Awareness 4 hours    


CoR – Awareness for Managers & Customers 4 hours        


CoR – Fatigue Management 4 hours            
CoR – Load Restraint 4 hours            
CoR – Safe Loads 4 hours    


CoR – Sub-Contractor Management 4 hours        


Transition to Transport (course to be confirmed) 8 hours            
Incident Management Workshop 5 hours    


Pallet Management for Pallet Controllers 4 hours            
Master Class – Business planning you can implement 6 hours    


Master Class – Improving Profit/Waste reduction 6 hours            
Master Class – Coaching & Developing People 4 hours            
Master Class – Leadership Skills 6 hours



Prescribed Industrial Waste (link to page)


8 hours













Training at the VTA