Scania Australia

Scania Australia imports, distributes and sells a range of heavy-duty Scania trucks and buses as well as industrial and marine engines. With the launch of the highly-lauded New Truck Generation in 2018, Scania offers you the safest trucks in Australia, a full array of Euro-6 emissions options, and a raft of alternative fuel compliant engines.

Scania offers a selection of connected services that enable you to understand vehicle usage and driver behaviour. Scania driver trainers and the innovative follow-up coaching programme help you reduce fuel burn and wear, while promoting safer driving habits.

Scania Finance Australia offers you a selection of helpful funding instruments, while the Scania Total Transport Solution concept provides you with everything from vehicles tailored exactly to your needs to contracted maintenance and repair programmes and efficient disposal at the end of the vehicle’s working life.

Mr Ron Szulc, Brand & Communications Manager. or 0478 304 091